NEAR AND FAR! Want to join in on the pandemic-friendly trash adventure from wherever you are in the world and help us continue the trash conversation as a community, online?!

Get yourself outside with a bag and some gloves and pick up the trash you see! Get some fresh air and sun on your face while doing something valuable in a fun way.

Pick out the best piece of trash that suits the competition theme for that particular month. For example: January was the strangest piece of trash and February was the most expensive piece of trash.⁣

get outside

find some trash

Post a picture or video of it (or a selfie with it) on Instagram or Facebook with #MYSKRALDESTORY so we can find it. Include a short story (a few sentences will do) about where it was found and how the f*@K you think it ended up there.⁣

post it

We will choose some posts to be featured in our Hall of Fame, but there will only be ONE winner. Our followers on Instagram will vote on which piece of trash entered in the competition should win, and the winner will be rewarded a one-of-a-kind Skraldejagt t-shirt. 



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