From the worlds deepest point, the Marianas Trench, to the world's highest point, Mount Everest, trash is drowining our environment.

What's next? the moon?

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To our dismay, the world is littered with disturbing facts of how our everyday trash is affecting our environment and climate – our planet. Honestly, sometimes it can just feel really overwhelming to come face to face with these huge, planetary issues alone. There is only one way to deal with problems of this size. 


And that is by taking small, yet concrete, actions. 


For us, one of the first and most important steps on this road is for us to change our relationship to trash. We all have a relationship to our partners, families and friends – but we desperately also need to have a healthy relationship to our trash. Otherwise, we are going to drown it in. 


But what does it actually mean to have a healthy relationship to your trash? That can obviously mean a lot of things – and we do not necessarily want to define what this means for everyone.

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We take responsibility for the trash and resource use in our own everyday life, and actively use our voice to advocate and engage in constructive dialogues with friends and family for a cleaner and more sustainable future.


We inspire and activate our workplace, local sports associations and all other local communities that we participate in to take responsibility for our planet and future.


We vote for parties that have an actual, serious green agenda, and use the right we have as citizens to either protest, speak and write about the necessary political shift of paradigm that the worlds so desperately needs.
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