If every garbage truck we fill annually was placed end-to-end, it would cover half the distance to the moon or ~192,236 kilometers.

What we do as individuals on a microscale influences the big picture, more than we think.



So our quest is to inspire people to change their relationship with garbage through monthly trashure hunts, but right now (due to restrictions) through our online version - Trashures - and through facilitating the conversation online.


Our mission is to make it fun, accessible, and inclusive for people to learn about and participate in reducing trash around the city, all while creating a sense of community where everyone and anyone can join.


We strive to create a space where people can be who they are, express themselves authentically, all while sharing a common mission – to help change our relationship with garbage.


Email: info@skraldejagt.dk

Phone: +45 27 21 35 35 

CVR: 40175059

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